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About S&W Data

At S&W Data, our mission is simple: to go beyond the role of just a consultant. Our calling is to partner with you in your critical mission.

We can help your mission-critical Security and optimize your communications system to your unique environment to ensure accuracy. Every call, every integration, and every record has to be right – every time.

Our Company develops a sound approach by understanding the challenge while analyzing the equipment and information available and creating a resolution. Our core values of persistence, integrity, trust, accountability, and prudence help us get there. We bring deep, functional expertise, but what makes us different is our holistic perspective that breaks down the silos of mission-critical infrastructure.

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Our Success is Based on the Success of Our Clients

Partnering with a firm that brings an independent, objective perspective to every engagement is our clients’ top priority. We stand behind our commitment to always putting our clients’ fundamental interests first. From our inception, vendor neutrality has been a value that underpins every aspect of our work. We aim to determine the most favorable solution for our clients based on their unique requirements, budget, governance structure, operations, and existing technologies. We provide a holistic perspective of the entire mission-critical camera security systems, free of bias or favoritism to any specific product or service provider. Our recommendations are always based on the value and the benefit provided to the client.

For clients, this approach means more control and greater visibility into the systems they are ultimately responsible for operating and a successful project that improves outcomes for our clients and their communities.

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